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Coaching Essentials

Basic Training
in Coaching Skills and
the Organizer Coach Model

8 week telecourse
3 training hours a week

Offered three times a year
February - April
May - June
October - December

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While you are teaching some very specific things, there is a subtlety about it that's hard to define. I see growth and understanding in myself that's on another level.

Linda Samuels, CPO-CD® 
Oh, So Organized! 





My interest in coaching could have been off the charts but if the classes didn’t provide the depth and breadth of content that they do, and you and Cam didn’t provide the wonderful environment you do – especially for a teleclass situation – I don’t know that I would have carried on.  I’m grateful to both of you and for the community that’s developed between the students.  I really believe you have created a winning formula.

Barbara Bougher
Divine Order







I want to thank you for this excellent course!  You covered an amazing amount of information in a very well-organized way.   I especially appreciated your clear explanations of the coaching process with visual models and your excellent demo’s. Thank you for all the resources you have given us.  They will be very helpful.

Jillian Stocks Organizing
Organizing Consultant







"I did want to thank you for all that you have taught me and for the monumental changes that have become a part of me since starting the Coach Approach program. I've become calmer, more patient, more understanding – internally, I've shifted. This program has been, by far, the best investment I have ever made in myself, in my business, and most importantly, in my clients. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Foundation student in anonymous training evaluation





"Something interesting, and life-changing, has happened to me as a direct result of my coach training. For the first time in my life, I am able to see things "from a different perspective". I've always been somewhat of a black-or-white thinker, and have rarely been able to look at alternative viewpoints. Not only has this [training] given me a "sunnier" outlook, but it has enabled me to move forward from previously stuck positions. And how is this connected to coaching others? Part of my great work is helping my clients see what's possible for them!"

Foundation student in anonymous training evaluation







"This has been an incredible class! I came to get tools to work with my most challenging ADD clients. This goal was more than realized. Each week I have added coaching to my skill set and my clients have been incredibly responsive. Just last week I added coaching as maintenance with clients as I 'conclude' with them."

Coaching Essentials student in anonymous training evaluation






"I enjoy Cam’s engaging style and sense of humor. He is straightforward and direct, and has the ability to jump in and re-direct conversation and feedback loops. His keen observations during the small group calls were very helpful."

Foundation student in anonymous training evaluation







What do we mean by BE-CAUSE?

At Coach Approach we use the BE-CAUSE Coaching Process Model©, created by Denslow Brown. This model provides a framework for a coaching process and is of great benefit to our students in learning to coach. It reminds us to stay centered and present with our client, and to take the time to truly understand our client’s challenge at a deeper level before inviting them to strategize solutions and create action -- and then, at a subsequent session, evaluate that action. Use of this process brings about real and lasting change for our clients and is much different than solving our client’s problems.

What do we mean by Opening for Change?

You’re probably already noticing your clients’ openings for change. They may come via a request from the client, “I need better time management” or “I really want to be able to find what I’m looking for in my closet.” When a new client calls to inquire about your services they are demonstrating an opening for change – in the above cases not just for a new calendar or a decluttered closet, but a change in how they themselves function. An opening for change might also come via a complaint, “I’m really sick of not being able to sit on my couch because of all the clutter.” Finally, an opening for change might exist when you notice that your client might be able to do something more effectively or efficiently. Coach Approach training teaches participants not only how to help identify openings for change but how to respond to them in such a way that your client becomes actively engaged in the change process.

Introductory Coach Training for Organizers

Organizers are astonished at the difference even basic coach skills training makes to their communication and success with their clients.

Our basic, introductory coaching course, Coaching Essentials, is the pre-requisite to all of our coaching courses. It is designed to stand alone and will transform the way you work with your clients and with everyone in your life. It is, above all, extraordinary listening training. Conveniently, it also provides you with a number of effective response strategies for this increase in what you are hearing!

ACTP logoCoaching Essentials is the entry course to our Certified Organizer Coach Training Program which has Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) standing from the International Coach Federation.

On this page we describe this introductory training and pull together the relevant information from other parts of this website, so that you can consider it from a single location. We also include some basic information here on the two courses which are effectively paired with the Coaching Essentials training. Each course allows you to secure your new coaching skills in broad and more integrated ways.

Coaching Essentials

Coaching Essentials Training Complements

Coaching Skills Lab

Strengths-Based Coaching

Logistics: Dates, Fees, Payment & Package Options


Frequently Asked Questions

What makes THIS coach training specific to organizers?

How much time should I expect to spend each week in addition to class time?

I coach my clients in one way or another already. Do I really need this?

Coaching Essentials

Coaching Essentials presents a coaching model designed specifically for organizers for their work with clients. 

  • 18 powerful receptive and active coaching skills defined and demonstrated
  • Skills competence through trainer and small group support
  • Instruction in the core skills, best practices and ethics of coaching

This is intensive, basic coach training. You will learn coaching skills and techniques to use with clients right away. While you probably already use a few of the skills now, the value and practice of coaching goes way beyond effective communication skills. Whether you consider yourself as an auditory learner or not, you will significantly strengthen your listening ability. Coaching enables you to create powerful and accountable partnerships with your clients.

This is intensive training and we encourage you to make space in your schedule to maximize your learning. [See the FAQ below: How much time should I expect to spend each week in addition to class time?]

Trainers: Cameron Gott, PCC, BCC with an assistant trainer 

Our assistant trainers are experienced and successful professional organizers who have completed our coach training program and earned the Certified Organizer Coach credential (at a minimum).

8 weekly sessions (1.5 hour classes)
6 skills group sessions (two with a trainer)
15 CEU hours or 18.75 ACTP coach-specific training hours

Coaching Essentials is offered 3 times a year: late Winter, late Spring and early Fall.

See Foundation Training Schedule or Registration Page for dates & deadlines

$545 or two monthly payments of $280.

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Coaching Essentials Training Complements

The CE course is designed as stand-alone training. However, it is also the pre-requisite for further Coach Approach for Organizers™ training and half of those who complete this course decide to complete the foundation training. Take Coaching Essentials to develop an essential coaching understanding and competence, and then decide whether or not continuing is right for you.

Should you decide to continue your coach training you can do so at your own pace. There are three registration options after Coaching Essentials: Coaching Skills Lab and Strength-Based Coaching.

Coaching Skills Lab (CSL)

This supplemental training is designed specifically for those who have completed the Coaching Essentials course, so that they can continue to work with a trainer to practice coaching skills and build coaching experience and confidence. For organizers who are considering continuing into the foundation courses, it will also provide a connection to coaching principles and methods until the fall.

  • In each class, one coaching session takes place with a student coach and client. Other participants serve as active observers as does the trainer.
  • The trainer or coach pauses the coaching session one or more times during the coaching. At these pauses, the trainer will realign the coaching – or ask each observer to offer a point of curiosity, powerful question, or possible direction. The client is often asked to comment on the most promising line of inquiry.
  • Lab training involves actual coaching on authentic issues -- and so also provides participants an opportunity to experience being coached.
  • Although not required for certification, this course is recommended for all who have completed the Coaching Essentials training.
  • This course qualifies for coach-specific training (and organizer) CEUs.

Pre-requisites: Coaching Essentials (or Coaching Skills I)

Offered several times a year in different timing blocks, for example: once a month for 3-6 months, every other week for four sessions, every week for four sessions, etc.

Trainer: Denslow Brown, MCC, CPO, CPO-CD

Each 1.5 hour class provides 1.5 CEU or ACTP hours

The Coaching Skills Lab is offered two-to-four times a year in various date and frequency configurations (for example: once a month for 3-6 months, every other week for four sessions, every week for five sessions, etc.). It is priced at $30 per class session. Registration is limited for small classes. See the Foundation Training Schedule for the current schedule.

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Strengths-Based Coaching

Designed to solidify the Coaching Essentials skills, this course offers training in identifying and coaching to a client’s strengths. This is the second course in the Foundation Training program (following Coaching Essentials).

We will use the text: The Processing Modalities Guide: Identify and Use Specific Strengths for Better Functioning (Denslow Brown, Hickory Guild Press, 2012) as a lens to individual strengths and sensitivities. This course will inform your work with clients and is intended to be a partner with Coaching Essentials for many organizers who want basic coaching skills to use in their business.

  • Coach to a client's strengths
  • Identify your own modality profile and your best learning strategies for creating coaching competence
  • Connect with clients and potential clients across modality styles
  • Collaborate with clients in identifying their modality style and designing organizing systems built on their strengths (insights which will serve them indefinitely)

Pre-requisite: Coaching Essentials

Trainers: Denslow Brown, MCC, CPO, CPO-CD and Susan Lieber, COC, ACC or Casey Moore, PCOC, ACC

Offered twice a year in late spring and early fall.

See the Foundation Training Schedule or Registration Page for dates & deadlines

$595 The Processing Modalities Guide is included with registration. 

We provide the registration option of signing up for this course in a package with Coaching Essentials because the two are such strong complements. Or, if you’ve completed Coaching Essentials, you may register for this course in a 4-course package which would take you through graduation. Training Payment Options

A full description of our Organizer Coach Foundation Training Program can be accessed from this link.

Logistics: Dates, Fees, Payment & Package Options

There is information on general dates and fees listed after the descriptions of these three courses above. It is repeated below. For exact dates and deadlines, see the Foundation Training Schedule or Registration Page.


Coaching Essentials is typically offered three times a year:

February-March on Tuesday evenings
May-June on Wednesday afternoons (no training during NAPO conference week)
Mid-October-early December on Wednesday afternoons (no training during Thanksgiving week)

The Coaching Skills Labs are offered throughout the year in various configurations (weekly, every other week, monthly).

The price advantage of registering for Coaching Essentials and Strengths-Based Coaching at the same time is achieved by signing up for the 2-course package. You take the fall, winter or spring Coaching Essentials and then join the Strengths-Based Coaching course which begins the following fall.

Fees, Payment & Package Options

Our Registration Page takes you to PayPal to complete payment using your credit card or your own PayPal account. You can also email your decision to register and send a check in the mail, if you prefer.

See the Training Payment Options to review the pricing on all Coach Approach courses and packages.

Coaching Essentials

$545 (full payment)
$560 (two monthly payments of $280)
Register for this course individually or as part of a two-course package

Strengths-Based Coaching

$595 (full payment)
$610 (two monthly payments of $305)

Two Course Package (Coaching Essentials and Strengths-Based Coaching)

$995 (full payment)
$1140 (four monthly payments of $285)

Coaching Skills Lab

This course is offered in various date/frequency configurations but is priced at $30 per session

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes THIS coach training specific to organizers?

I (Denslow) learned in the courses and programs I registered for as part of my own coach training that my fellow students were going to use their coaching skills as executives, human resource administrators, teachers, parents - or straight-up life coaches. It wasn't appropriate to address the application of coaching to an organizing situation in class discussions. Over time, as I worked as an organizer coach, and an ADHD coach who is also an organizer, I realized that the application of coaching to organizing work has specific and simultaneously, broad applications.

A quick list of these include:

  • Decision making regarding clutter and the acquisition and retention of objects and papers
  • Coaching in-person in the environment that is the issue
  • Coaching by phone regarding organizing issues which aren’t visible to the organizer coach
  • Finding a way to provide expertise while adhering to the coaching value of supporting the client to find his or her own answers
  • System design for an individual with a non-conventional cognitive style – or other strengths which are more useful to build on
  • Introducing a client who knows you as their hands-on organizer to the related issues coaching can address (life goals, gaining clarity regarding the limits of time/space/desire, developing the necessary awareness to inform actions, developing and sustaining new habits, etc.)

I was frankly blown away when I considered how powerful and rich coaching training designed for organizers could be. I loved the idea of there being class time devoted to the questions which face organizers regarding the integration and implementation of coaching into their organizing business.

I was also aware that many organizers are looking for a way to diversify their income, offer additional services to their clients, and support their clients in maintaining the organized space and systems they paid for. Some organizers have lost interest (or the physical stamina) to continue in hands-on work.

How much time should I expect to spend each week in addition to class time?

Each week you will have 90 minutes of class time (recorded in case you have to miss it or want a review) and 90 minutes of skills group practice. You are assigned to a group of three students based on your broad meeting time preferences (weekday, weeknight, weekend) and then you three finalize your meeting time which can be adjusted in a given week if necessary.

In addition, there are

  • A few brief reading assignments (short articles and supplemental handouts)

  • Assigned and optional forum discussions

  • Brief reports to complete after each skills group to anchor learning

  • A take-home, open-book assessment. Students report spending between 4 and 15 hours on the assessment which is a learning integration tool. (Course completion is determined by participation, not the assessment score.)

You are also encouraged to create coaching practice opportunities for yourself beyond those provided within the training. These training elements weave together into very strong learning. They have been find-tuned in partnership with our students who provide us with feedback through a course evaluation.

We have taught this course more than 20 times since 2008. Students are aware of the level of engagement we expect of them – they also appreciate the results and understand that less effort would not serve them.

Although each coaching skill and strategy is easily grasped, using coaching skills in real time is not easy. Maintaining coaching coherence and flow takes practice.

I coach my clients in one way or another already. Do I really need this?

I (Denslow) was drawn to coaching myself because I really related to the idea of it when reflecting on my own style of communicating with clients.   My clients valued our conversations in which they felt understood, could speak to their specific struggles, got a pep talk and some normalizing of their organizing challenges.

Drawn to gain additional skills, I took some coaching classes. I learned that while my temperament and instincts with clients made coaching a logical direction for me, I really didn’t have coaching skills – and I wasn’t really coaching my clients -- YET!  Coaching is a distinct profession with specific structures and competencies.  It’s more than a style of communication.

Coach training allowed me to serve my clients in these conversations with much greater effectiveness. I learned to provide more than non-judgmental compassion, which is important. But it’s more important to pair it with a system of building client self-knowledge, creating accountability learning, developing their confidence in their own capacity to be reliable and manage their lives. Coach training also gave me the tools to work with the big motivators which some clients share with us: what really matters bottom line, their values, needs, dreams, and passions.

Ask me any question about the training or about coaching and organizing! I've opened up several 15-minute appointment times you can schedule yourself into.

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