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ACTP logoWe offered our first coach training course in 2007. Late in 2013, we entered the rigorous evaluation process of the International Coach Federation. Early in 2015, every minute of our 20+ foundation and graduate courses was accepted for Accredited Coach Training Program recognition, ICF’s highest and most rigorous. This is an accomplishment because although we are teaching solid, straight-up coaching, we are teaching it in the context of work with clients who face intense life transitions, serious organizing obstacles, ADHD or other brain-based challenges, and/or urgent productivity pressure.

Graduates of our foundation program who have also met other requirements (mentor coach training, coaching competence test) have the necessary 60 hours of coach-specific training to apply for an ACC credential through the International Coach Federation.   The Certified Organizer Coach® credential has been our ACC-level plus certification since 2008.  It recognizes competence in two fields (organizing and coaching) as well as their synergy.

Coach training transforms the organizing experience for the whole range of business and residential clients.  ICF’s approval of our program allows us to identify coaching credentials that speak to the specialties in the organizing-productivity field. Coach Approach training now leads to three PCC-level coach certifications. The specific needs of two specific client populations, the business client and the client with ADHD, are met with two of our new PCC-level credentials.

Our four credentials are listed here and linked to fuller descriptions below:

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Certified Organizer Coach® (ACC-level)

Certified ADHD Organizer Coach® (PCC-level)
Professional Certified Organizer Coach® (PCC-level)
Certified Productivity Leadership Coach® (PCC-level)


We have been moving into broader training at the advanced level for many years.  Several key courses for the new PCC-level credentials draws on the models and strategies developed by organizers and productivity consultants.  These are professionals from the NAPO and ICD traditions who added coaching skills to their client work. The content they bring is at the forefront of the powerful synthesis of organizing/productivity expertise and coaching processes. 

Coach training expands the scope of organizing-productivity work in essential and relevant ways. For example, the habitually inundated client not only receives help with the backlog, systems and calendaring, but also learns mindfulness, habit formation, to set and maintain boundaries, and to make decisions based on his or her core values.



COC Certified Organizer Coach®

Training Hours: 72

Foundation Required:  Yes

Elective Hours Required:  None

Advanced Courses Required: Organizer Coach Practicum (or an Independent Project plus the Body-Based Coaching course (formerly Graduate Book Analysis: Body-Based Coaching)

Certification Training Schedule

Additional Requirements: 100 client hours (minimum 25 each “whole session” (independent of) and “integrated” within organizing), 10 mentor coaching hours, performance evaluation (recorded coaching session plus written transcript) COC Certification Requirements COC Recertification Requirements


A COC has graduated from the Coach Approach foundation program, which includes five comprehensive courses: Coaching Essentials, Strength-Based Coaching, Brain-Based Coaching, Life & ADHD Coaching, and Organizer Coach Integration.  This represents 27 weeks of course work spread over more than a year, during which students first coached practice clients – and eventually integrated coaching into their organizing work.  Each COC has received extensive trainer feedback, taken two written exams, and passed two ACC-level coaching assessments of their coaching competence: one live and one of a recorded session.

A Certified Organizer Coach holds the competence of an Associate Certified Coach and much more. In addition to meeting and clearing all ACC requirements, a COC has moved into the broader coaching field through a graduate seminar that uses a coaching text to broaden and anchor the Coach Approach coaching model.  Each potential COC also completes an independent project.  These projects support the unique organizer coach specialty through the creation of concrete tools or by deepening our body of knowledge.  

The Certified Organizer Coach® credential certifies coaching competence and substantive organizing experience.  It exceeds the ICF requirements for an Associate Certified Coach (ACC).




Certified ADHD Organizer Coach®

Training Hours: 125

Foundation Required:  Yes

Elective Hours: Yes (approx. 18 coach-specific training hours)

Advanced Courses Required:
   Organizer Coach Practicum
   Body-Based Coaching (formerly Graduate Book Analysis: Body-Based Coaching)
   Coaching the ADHD Client
   ADHD Education: Knowledge is Power
   Core Competency Intensive: PAAC

Certification Training Schedule

Additional Requirements: attend one international, multi-day ADHD conference, 300 client hours (whole session coaching and coaching integrated within an organizing project), 10 mentor coaching hours, 2 performance evaluations (recorded coaching sessions plus written transcripts)  Credentialing Requirements


It takes two kinds of professionals to make a lasting difference in the lives of clients with ADHD. 

  1. On-site, hands-on organizing and productivity support will transform an overwhelmed environment, resolve potentially disastrous delayed projects, create momentum, and provide modeling of critical skills and instruction in organizing options and limits.  There will also be a nurtured competence: about oneself, one’s pitfalls and needs, and one’s best strategies and solutions.

  2. ADHD coaching provides the education, awareness training, accountability learning, healing perspectives and essential ADHD insights to create a more mindful, strengths-based individual who takes responsibility – including responsibility to create A Life that Fits.

The Certified ADHD Organizer Coach credential recognizes a professional who can provide both seamlessly – a person who has the whole package.  CAOCs are committed to clients with ADHD. They are partner with a client to address the discouragement and challenges; improve the performance, experience and mindset; and liberate the creativity and capability of the client with ADHD. 

While there are no figures on the rates of ADHD in the clients who turn to organizer-productivity professionals they obviously make up a significant part of every organizing client population regardless of specialty. Myriad physical and brain-based conditions and life-situations also compromise a person’s executive functioning.  ADHD organizer coach training prepares us in addressing the needs of a very wide range of clients.

CAOCs must have a PCC-level of coaching competence – and demonstrate the ability to appropriately, courageously and creatively coach clients with ADHD.  CAOCs must have a strong foundation of organizing experience and expertise and a substantive education about ADHD and the many different ways it shows up in individuals. 



Professional Certified Organizer Coach®

Training Hours: 125

Foundation Required:  Yes

Elective Hours: Yes (approx. 45 coach-specific training hours)

Advanced Courses Required:
   Organizer Coach Practicum
   Body-Based Coaching (formerly Graduate Book Analysis: Body-Based Coaching) 

   Holistic Time Coaching
   Motivational Coaching (or any of these graduate-level courses: ADHD Ed, CAC, PC, LCI)

Certification Training Schedule

Additional Requirements: 300 client hours (stand-alone and within organizing), 10 mentor coaching hours, 2 performance evaluations (recorded coaching sessions plus written transcripts)  Credentialing Requirements


Professional Certified Organizer Coach facilitates a client in a process to create a manageable life (systems, support and self-care) while also bringing the client’s passions, values, strengths, and aesthetic to the forefront.  Like the COC, the PCOC offers the great synergy of organizing and coaching to clients who want their life focus to be more than being organized.  This is true even when getting and staying organized is the challenge the client knows is standing between them and the life they desire.

This PCC-level credential reflects a commitment to deepened coaching competence through required advanced training.  The client benefits from a coaching methodology that provides body-based insights and anchoring. Holistic (whole person) time-management coaching supports clients’ clarity and habit or pattern-development, empowering them to handle responsibilities and choose fulfilling lives.

Beyond the required courses, each PCOC designs a unique quilt of coaching competence by selecting the elective advanced courses that will best serve their clients.


Certified Productivity Leadership Coach®

Training Hours: 125

Foundation Required:  Yes

Elective Hours: Yes (approx. 5 coach-specific training hours)

Advanced Courses Required:
   Organizer Coach Practicum (or an Independent Project plus the Body-Based Coaching course)
     (formerly Graduate Book Analysis: Body-Based Coaching)

   Graduate Book Analysis: Women & Leadership
   Productivity Coaching
   Leadership Coaching I
   Leadership Coaching II

Certification Training Schedule

Additional Requirements: 300 client hours (stand-alone and within organizing), 10 mentor coaching hours, 2 performance evaluations (recorded coaching sessions plus written transcripts)  Credentialing Requirements


Productivity and leadership coaches work with individuals who step up to the responsibility for processes and outcomes in teams and organizations. Clients develop existing and new strengths as well as productive personal power.

Leadership is the capacity to bring out the best in others and expand the positive impact of a group of individuals in the context of a shared goal.

For clients responsible for the performance and results of others (in corporations, businesses, politics, and non-profits) the need to develop great leadership is evident.

People who take responsibility in committees, informal partnerships, communities. and families (chosen and biological) also have the opportunity to become leaders and create deeply meaningful change.

The CPLC supports a client’s understanding of his or her own personal leadership style – and helps them broaden its versatility.  The aspiring leader starts with her- or himself, beginning with a commitment to personal growth and productivity.  The leader works through limits of habit and perspective into greater competence.

The client of a CPLC learns to take responsibility for the impact of their communication with others. They observe, listen, reflect, support motivation, and invite and review actions – all coaching skills.  The increased capacity to connect with and transform others will deepen their own productivity and commitment – and create an environment of honesty, learning, responsibility and accomplishment.

The CPLC supports their client in forming alliances, sharing vision, facilitating effective meetings and processes, identifying concrete goals, and measuring results.



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